Meet Dr. Borgnini and Dr. Emely

At Caris Eye Centers, we pride ourselves with being a community-focused practice. In this blog, we wanted to take the time to spotlight two of our ODs, Dr. Scott Emely and Dr. Gina Borgnini. 

Dr. Emely and Dr. Borgnini are two ODs at our Alpharetta location with young kids in the local community. To spotlight their love for the community and passion for eye care, we sat down and asked them a few questions. Check out their answers below and don’t forget to say hello next time you see them around the community. 

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What is your favorite part of the local community?

Dr. Borgnini

I love the seasonal neighborhood events that Windermere holds. My favorite, being the 4th of July celebration!

Dr. Emely

The camaraderie of a fairly large community that seems much smaller than it is. It is a very safe, clean neighborhood with many activities for families with great schools, restaurants, and things to do nearby. We have met and continue to meet many great people who live on our street or in a different part of Windermere.

How are you involved in the community?

Dr. Borgnini

I love to volunteer at my children’s classroom and school events when I am able. We are members of St. Brendan Church. I love sports and am an avid Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Hoosier fan! I love to shop and try new restaurants. I enjoy cooking—when I have the time, traveling, and spending time with our extended family.

Special Olympics Opening Eyes Program

I also volunteer to perform annual vision screening at the Spring Special Olympics Opening Eyes Program. For this program, we provide vision and ocular health screenings to all participating athletes. You can read more about it here.

Dr. Emely

We attend most of our children’s events that take place at Haw Creek Elementary, including fundraisers and PTA sponsored events. We also make time to read stories to our children’s classes as Secret readers. Our practice sponsors the school PTA at the highest level. Our children participate in many local sports, including soccer, baseball at Joint Venture Park, gymnastics, and swim lessons at our community pool, to name a few. I am the Georgia Optometric Association immediate past president for our entire state, over 750 optometrists.

What is your favorite part of being an optometrist?

Dr. Borgnini

“I enjoy seeing families grow each year…”

I enjoy seeing families grow each year and establishing relationships with them. On the technical level, I love being able to help people who have an eye injury or infection or come in with a challenging diagnosis.

Dr. Emely

“I like the challenge of meeting individual needs…”

I look forward to seeing patients every day and fulfilling all of their primary eye care needs. This can range from simple glasses or contacts to treating severe glaucoma.  I like the challenge of meeting an individual’s needs and seeing so many people from all walks of life.


How many pairs of frames do you own?

Dr. Borgnini

Too many! Really about 5 or 6 sunglass frames that I rotate between. You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses 🙂

Dr. Emely

I personally own several pairs of sunglasses and just one pair of prescription eyeglasses because I primarily wear contact lenses.